16 January 2018 18:49
Regional Innovation Office to be created in Karaganda rgn

"This policy document is of great strategic importance. It is aimed at solving the problems of the state building at a new historical stage. In the Address, the Head of State sets before us 10 main tasks, the solution of which will allow Kazakhstan to enter the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the era of profound, rapid changes: technological, economic and social. We must begin to implement them now", Governor of the region Yerlan Koshanov stressed.

According to the Governor, the region shows positive results in the economy. The production in the manufacturing industry for the year increased by 3.2%. The labor productivity in this sector was 19 thousand dollars per employee - this is one of the highest rates in the country.

He stressed that today the enterprises need to invest in the modernization and digitalization of their productions.

"Our task as bodies of the local executive power is to provide conditions for the development of industries in this direction. We have created a platform on which scientists and production workers - the Council for Science, Investments and New Technologies will communicate. This year, it is planned to create and develop the Regional Innovation Office, which will interact with scientific organizations and industrial enterprises of the regions", Yerlan Koshanov said.

The Governor of the region instructed the Administration of Industry and Industrial Innovative Development, in conjunction with the Council for Science, Innovation and New Technologies, to intensify efforts to find and support, promote and implement the most promising innovative ideas and projects.