16 January 2018 16:49
APK: Tasks of Address - creation of new model of economic growth

Socail and economic successes of the country include the civil peace, interethnic and interfaith consent which remain to be our main value. The institute Assembly of people of Kazakhstan should continue the work to keep and strengthen stable interethnic peace.

Therefore, events in a format of meetings of Councils of the Assembly, scientific and expert groups, conferences, round tables, Councils of public consent, elders, mothers, youth wings of the APK, meetings with experts and so on were held on the base of the House of Friendship throughout the country. Such events were held not only in regional centers and large cities, but also in district centers, enterprises and universities.

Among the firsts, a round table in the republican House of fiendship in Almaty with the particiaption of Deputy of the APK Abilfas Khamedov was held. All reporters and attendees of the discussion noted that all tasks set in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan are the creation of a new model if economic growth, provision of our global competitiveness, focused on improvement of well-being of each Kazakhstani.

At the same time, Aktobe held an expanded session of the APK Council of the region with the particiaption of Deputy Chairman of the APK Vashnyak Sergei Viktorovich and memberss of the APK, members of scientific and expert groups, the Council of Public consent and the Council of Mothers , representatives of 19 ethnic and cultural associations, the media.

"This direction is toward stability, the vector has changed, it becomes more detailed, tools to implement possibilities, to achieve goals are being created, it creates the ways to solve, achieve these goals, methods of control to implement these solutions, gradual methods, and in the connection with it, a system is being developed", says Sergei Vishnyak.

Events in Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay and other regions were held. They discussed the ways to solve pressing issues of the people, as well as the way to introduce an intependent budget and communal property of ocal governments in rural areas and cities of disctrict importance. It is important for the APK, that the Council of Public Consent,  created at the level of rural districts and viilages, will get new possibilities when soving local tasks.

In some regions (Karaganda, Kyzylorda. Mangystau and others), an active of the region on a selector mode with connection of cities and districts of the region was held. Members expressed their views on priority items of the Address, noting the importance of issues of housing construction, the bank sphere, active introduction of modern technologies in the education and social sphere, significant introduction of a single electronic labor exchange, where all information on vacancies and persons, who seek jobs should be consolidated; the importance of implementation of the project "Free vocational education for everyone"; issues of social development were also concerned.

During the meeting, it was noted that the particular topic in the Address for pupils and students was the discussion of the direction, which regards the development of human potential. Because, now education is the basis of building competitiveness, an ambitious state, which could achieve certain results and specific goals.

"The Address of President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev is a large-scale project toward modernization of the economy, policy and public conscience. Therefore, students with confidence say that new large-scale tasks, set by the National Leaders, open new horizons, which will lead our country to a qualitatively new level of development", say the members of discussions.

We note, that 147 events of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan held within the Unified day were attended by more than 7300 people.