16 January 2018 16:41
Senators discussed Agrt with Azerbaijan on automobile communication

According to the Senate, the document, signed in Baku on April 3, 2017, regulates the transportation of passengers and cargoes in the international automobile traffic between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, transit through their territories, as well as transportation to the third countries. The main goods transported between two states are products made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, products of animal and vegetable origin, paper and paper products.

"The norms of the Agreement provide for the release of the international traffic carried out by motor vehicles on the basis of a permit population in the territories of the member states (including transit), from taxes and fees related to the use or maintenance of roads, except for paying for toll roads and bridges", the deputies noted.

The provisions of the international treaties to which Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are parties are applied with respect to the border, customs, sanitary-quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary and transport controls. When solving issues not regulated by these treaties, the national legislation will be applied.

The bill was submitted to the Chamber for consideration.