16 August 2019 16:04
It is necessary to increase teachers salaries twofold over 4 years in order to raise the status of teachers

A double increase in teachers' salaries came to be the most important and joyful news for all workers of the educational sphere.

“Despite the declared increase in teachers' salaries today, many surcharges are calculated from the base salary. Therefore, 500 thousand teachers in the country do not feel a significant increase - we should directly say about it. At the same time, wages remain one of the lowest and make up only 65% ​​of the average wage in the economy. Of course, we will not put up with this. Therefore, I entrust the Government to double teachers' salaries within four years with the aim of attracting qualified personnel to the education system and raising the status of teachers”, President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said in the course of the August conference in the capital.