Information about non-governmental organizations of Satpayev town

 One of the priorities of the democratization of public life of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the development of non-governmental sector. Today, the country is an active process of formation of the non-governmental sector, necessary for functioning of civil society, established the legal framework.

Since 1998 to May 2013 at the Department of Justice of Karaganda region 24 public associations registered in the city Satpayev, 20 of them in force, including: 1- Association of Entrepreneurs, 6 - sports direction, 1 - in the health sector, 2 - ethno cultural associations, 4 - to protect the interests of people with disabilities, 1 - to support vulnerable people, 3 - youth associations, 1 - the union of journalists and intellectuals of the city.

 During 2010 and 2013 were created by four NGOs, which currently take an active role in the social life of the city and cooperate with public authorities - is the NGO "Konil Ashar" (organization of substantial leisure of youth, discovering young talents, development of KVN movement) leader Seytzhaparov Batyrlan, NGO "Association of young leaders" (socio-political work among the youth, patriotic and labor education of youth) leader Nauryzbaev Nurlybai, PA "winged guard" (military - patriotic education of youth) the head of a veteran of the Afghan war Suleimenov Temirbek.