Staffing of the education system

A total of organization of education of teachers working in 1189. Of them:

In pre-school organizations - 41

Schools - 1062

In the after-school organizations - 86

The highest qualification category has 172 teachers, the first category - 347 teachers, representing 43.6% of the total number of city teachers.

60 teachers have the city government awards.

Aims and objectives of the city department of education
The main purpose of Satpaev town department of education is to implement the basic principles of state policy in education.


Coordination of the activities of educational institutions for the transition to profile training;
Organization of the system to ensure that measures to improve the quality of training and education of children and youth in the city, development of criteria and indicators of quality assessment of the education system;
Organization of the conditions for social and legal protection of children, adolescents and educators (together with the city committee of trade union of workers of education);
Control over the implementation of the legal framework in the field of education for all structural units;
Conducting targeted personnel policy;
Strengthening of training facilities, technical re-equipment of subordinate organizations of education;
Creating conditions for studying the culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan, customs and traditions in educational institutions.
The structure of the city education department includes the unit of the city department of education, methodical study, centralized accounting.
Currently, the city there are 38 educational organizations of all types and forms of ownership:
16 state secondary schools with a total of 11820detey. Of these, 2 small schools (school number 5, and the secondary school № 10) and one primary school (school № 17 of Satpayev).

Vocational School - 1
Technical College - 1
Extracurricular organizations - 3
Education organizations for orphans and children left without parental care - 2
House Youth - 1
Among the 16 secondary schools six schools with the state language of training, seven mixed schools and three schools with Russian as the language of instruction.
In September 2005, began operating a new school №16 with the Kazakh language learning.
The city pupils deficit was solved by the construction in 2008-2009 within the framework of the state program "100 schools, 100 hospitals" - a new secondary school № 15, which opened on December 28, 2008.
For the purpose of the comprehensive development of the younger generation in the city of the three children's after-school organizations are open: Schoolchildren's Palace, Children's Art School, Children's Music School №2 .
The City Department of Education to create a data bank creative teachers. In 2008, the prize of Akim of town received 12 teachers of educational institutions of the city. In 2009, 15 teachers of the city participated in the regional scientific-practical conference, their work awarded diplomas and are included in the conference proceedings. of Education Organization successfully implementing the state compulsory standards, a new generation of teaching materials in classes 1-11, with educational organizations have been able to maintain their individuality, further experimental work.
The five schools in the city are experimenting with 3 of them regional level 2 - local. Gymnasium S.Seifullin running the experiment "The development of linguistic competence in the transition to 12-year education," school-lyceum №4 4 in the name of Abay "The introduction of credit technology in the educational process of school-lyceum" grammar school №1 «System approach to training and education on the communicative and cognitive basis, under the conditions of the level differentiation grammar school. "
In order to maintain compliance with education interests and inclinations, students of health created a variety of educational programs and new training technologies are introduced. New approaches are being used in more than 70% of schools where students are offered a choice of profiles and levels of learning, contents and additional education.
To date, the city adapted to the conditions of Kazakhstan and implemented the following international educational programs
RWCT program ( "The development of critical thinking through reading and writing" (grammar school №1, school-lyceum № 4 in the name of Abay, Schools № 2,3,5, 14, 19, 25, d / CW 10)
The program of economic education "Junior Achievement" I.Lipsits (school-lyceum №4 in the name of Abay, Grammar School №1)
Almost all schools learn innovative information and communication technologies, tiered learning technology, CSR, Uhde, Galiev, Karaev, modular, differentiated and Debate.
Work of educational institutions in the innovation mode helps to maintain a professional level of teaching staff: creative reports of certified teachers, professional competitions, creative workshops, competitions subject teachers, scientific-practical conference on actual problems of improvement of the OHR.
In November 2008, the methodical study of the city department of education participated and won 1st place in the regional competition "The best methodical service" and was nominated at the Republican stage of "Integration of science and practice in the methodical service
In order to identify creative working, talented teachers, creating a positive public image of the teacher, promoting and disseminating educational experience, identify effective teaching technologies and teaching methods and education of the city department of education competitions of professional skill: "Young specialist - 2009" , "Competition panoramic lessons", "The best methodical association" (school №16). "Olympics of the Kazakh language teachers in Russian schools" - winner J.B. Tazabekov (School № 12)
The effectiveness of educational organizations to a large extent depends on the reconstruction of the educational system on the new conceptual framework that forms in children a strong moral and spiritual support, universal values of life and citizenship.
City Department of Education is composed and conducted a lot of work for the implementation of complex target program for work with gifted children, the purpose of which is psychological and educational development of children's gifts. To implement this program, a number of activities. Conducted workshops urban, creative reports, in which we study, compile and disseminate best teaching experience to work with gifted children. Teachers visited the regional problematic courses in preparing students for the Olympics. Teachers studied theoretical material on the psychological aspects of teaching and methods of work with gifted children.
The city schools held classes in various circles and sections, elective, where every child can open yourself to realize and develop their potential. In general, the city has 18 technical circles, which involved 485 schoolchildren, 31 club for young naturalists (465), 27 tourism and local history circles - 631, 119 artistic and creative circles - 1887, 89 sports sections - 2004 student, 11 smart clubs - 330 student i125 other types of circles, where there are 2903 pupils. (Of the city 450 teams and clubs, they are visited by 8705 students). Each year, an increasing number of students involved in sports, and the number of events held by the city of sports.
Every year, students of educational institutions taking part in the regional scientific-practical conference "Higher Mathematics and School". According to the results of the contest in 2009, the guys showed good results. First place - 10, the second place - 22, the third place - 31, a student of 5th class Zheng Sergei (School-lyceum № 4 in the name of Abay) was awarded a diploma in the nomination "The most young and talented." In total 68 students participated, 54 of them - students school-lyceum № 4 in the name of Abay.
The basic form of organization of educational process is a lesson. Each school determines the specificity of the subject of objective forms, methods, techniques and learning technologies. City Department of Education contests "The best expert on physics", "Young geographer", "Mathematical battle"
Great attention is paid to Ethnopedagogical and patriotic education. The main task of the school - to bring in the child a sense of national pride, attach it to the historical experience of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan; to generate knowledge about the ethnic identity of people living in Kazakhstan. In educational institutions festivals are traditionally held, competitions, festivals, games, competitions - exhibitions, exhibitions of children's drawings "I live in Kazakhstan," "My favorite city", "My Native Land" and many other events dedicated to the celebration of the Constitution Day, the Day Republic Independence Day, Day of languages, etc. Take an active part in city promotions, parades, rallies. Students of schools in the city to actively participate in regional competitions of works such as "Nevada - Semipalatinsk", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk test site
Gradually implemented computerization of the system of Education. Your computer comes with all 16 schools, one computer per 9 students. 16 schools (100%) and telephones connected to the "Internet" system, given the opportunity to work in this system free of charge 15 hours a week. Computer park is 1492 sets a new generation of computers. In the educational institutions opened 13 WEB- sites. On the lessons embedded information and communication technologies.
At the expense of the republican budget 11 interactive whiteboards installed in 2008 for secondary schools in the amount of 20196.0 thousand KZT.