Information on the implementation of the Program of Sports Development

The successful implementation of the country's modernization strategy depends, in the opinion of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, first of all, on knowledge, social and physical well-being of Kazakhstan. Therefore, one of the strategic priorities of development of Kazakhstan till 2020. The President outlined - providing Kazakhstanis health. In the Address to the Nation "New Decade - New Economic Growth - New Opportunities of Kazakhstan," Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that "up to 30% of Kazakhstanis should be involved in mass sports." At present, Satpayev created all conditions for the implementation of the tasks set by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To date, there are 88 Satpaev physical education groups, the number of them systematically engaged in physical culture and sports is 25680 persons, 14544 of them are engaged in groups and sections on sports, 6836 people engaged in sports groups and recreational nature, 400 people engaged in paid sports groups.
In 2009, a public institution "Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Satpayev town" together with other town organizations conducted 150 urban sports events, which were attended by 15 385 people (in 2008 the number of events - 30). In 2008, from the local budget used 4754.0 mln in 2009 from the town budget (Programme 006) for carrying out of sports competitions were allocated 2281.0 (two million two hundred eighty one thousand), the program 007 "Preparation and participation members of national teams of the town in various sports at regional sporting events "has been allocated 2552.0 (two million five hundred fifty-two thousand) KZT.
In 2010, the program allocated by 2986.0 014 (two million nine hundred eighty six thousand) KZT to host sports competitions at the municipal level and 015 program ( "Preparation and participation of members of national teams of regions in various sports at the regional sports competitions") allocated 4742.0 (four million seven hundred forty two thousand) KZT, which is 63% above the level of funding for 2009.
In 2006, in the town of Satpayev was commissioned a sports complex. It consists of a covered football pitch with artificial grass, indoor swimming pool, an ice rink, a hotel, two houses for athletes. Sports complex is on the balance of LLP "Corporation" Kazakhmys ".
For many years, it operates the Palace of sports "Zhastar", which is located 1 hall for sports games (volleyball, basketball), gym boxing classes, gym wrestling hall for shaping.
The village operates Zhezkazgan -Satpayev Children and Youth Sports School, where in 2009, in the framework of the Road Map, the repair work is 6 mln were carried out, created 13 jobs. GU "Youth Satpaev" in 2009 had a 15 town events in various sports. Athletes Youth Priman active participation in regional, national and international competitions, and achieve good results.
Information support of the organizations of physical culture and sport in the town is satisfactory: the necessary equipment manufactured computers are available in news programs and e-mail, to exit the Internet.
When SE "The department of culture and development of languages of Satpaev" open MSPE "Cultural - Wellness, sports center of Satpaev", which coordinates the work of yard clubs of the town. In the center of the structure contains 8 yard clubs, on the basis of which the sports sections, covering 517 children and adolescents.
On behalf of Akim of Karaganda region in Satpaev it plans to open a boarding school for children gifted in sports in rural areas.
Teaching Physical Education in Schools of Satpayev carried out in accordance with state educational standards in 2002.
The basic curriculum of state educational standards prescribed two hours of training on physical education in grades 1-11. Based on the variable part of the curriculum, school administration has allocated 1 hour of additional training on physical training for the implementation of Art. "On Physical Culture and Sports" 9 of the Law.
Physical Education Teaching in grades 1-4 is carried out as a primary school teacher and subject teachers. Lessons of Physical Education in primary schools in accordance with the schedule held in the large and small gyms and, under appropriate weather conditions, on school sports fields.
In grades 5-11 in all schools teaching physical training is conducted in accordance with the school curriculum at the rate of 3 hours per week in each parallel. Training is subject teachers, classes are held in gyms and on school sports grounds.
A total of 43 school teachers are of Satpayev lessons of physical training, including higher education have a corresponding 32 people, accounting for 75%. All 43 teachers have pedagogical education. Number of teachers of the higher and first qualifying category is 27 people (62.7% of the total number of teachers of physical culture). Refresher courses teachers of all schools are passed in a timely manner, that is controlled by school administration.
Currently, the schools of the town focuses on development of students' skills of a healthy lifestyle, engaging in sports.
For the effective conduct of sports activities in educational institutions equipped with two shooting galleries, four gymnastic town, 19 sports grounds.
In 2008, 3479.4 thousand KZT has been allocated to upgrade the material and technical base of sports halls of the town schools. For these funds purchased 105 mats for tumbling, jumping 105 mats, 60 balls volleyball, basketball balls 69, 75 footballs, 45 training grenades, throwing 80 balls, ropes 15, 30 chess. In accordance with the register of the acquisition of sports equipment from the regional budget in 2008, the sports equipment was handed over to the school balance.
In 2010, from the local budget for the purchase of sports equipment for schools allocated 8920.0 thousand. KZT.
In the educational institutions of the town are 51 sports section in 12 sports: Chess, Checkers, togyzkumalak, athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, choreography, Kekushinkay karate, kick-boxing, table tennis.
Town department of education, physical culture and sports Satpayev carried out certain work and on the organization of patriotic and sports activities in educational institutions of the town. It has become a traditional town Olympiad, in which the town held the competition among schoolchildren in football, basketball, chess, toғyzқұmalaқu, table tennis. The winning teams are taking part in the regional school sports day according to sports. In 2009 the team of Satpayev took 1st place in the regional competitions in chess, the team of secondary school № 27 took first place in the regional sports game "Bәyge" secondary school number 14 team (boys) took 3rd place at regional competitions in basketball.
Every year, school students take part in a town health festival, town competitions in volleyball, cross-country race, cross-country skiing, the town sports games "Merry starts", "Mom, Dad, and I - a sports family" and other sporting events.
In accordance with the instructions and methodological letters "On peculiarities of teaching the principles of science in secondary schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan" each school year during the holidays in all schools in the Days of Health.
In 2009 it was carried out a series of urban sports events and actions among educational institutions and labor collectives, dedicated to honoring the memorable dates of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such as, the Republican tourist expedition (tourist campaign) "My Motherland - Kazakhstan", the IX Regional traditional chess tournament among students of secondary schools for the prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Deputy Chairman Senate Kopeev MJ, the town championship on mini - football on Akim Cup Satpayev, VIII Championship of the town football cup of akim of Satpaev, Republican large-scale action "health Festival - 2009» under the motto "Be always sporty and healthy!".
For leisure activities during the holidays and maintain a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation in the summer has been open area for roller skating and roller skates rolled point, and in winter - the central town rink and skate rental. In total, the town opened 1 central and 5 urban rinks, skating rinks 10 schoolyards. The town operates 9 multipurpose field with artificial turf.
Much attention in the town is paid to sports activities among people with disabilities. "Ready, Set, Go!" Among wheelchair, chess, checkers and other events: the traditional sports competitions, such as people with disabilities are held to the Day.
The youth national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satpayev include 8 athletes in the national team of the Karaganda region - 10 athletes.
In NC "Youth" in the initial training of 23 groups involved 446 children, 174 people involved in 16 training groups. Among the pupils NC "Youth" in the youth national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of 4 athletes in the youth team - 3 sportsmen.
The Football Academy "Kazakhmys" corporation are seven coaches in football, including 5 children and two adult coaches coach. The total number of children involved 400 people. As part of the senior team "Kazakhmys", there are 60 players.
Sports Management LLP "Kazakhmys Corporation" in 2009 held 49 sporting events of various ranks in which the athlete participated in 2122.
The sports facilities JUICE 2009 republican competitions were held, such as the Republican Judo Tournament for the prize of "Kazakhmys Corporation" in June, in July - Kazakhstan Football Championship among juniors 1990-1991 p RK Championship prime. League football - April-October, RK Championship in swimming "Satpaevkie delfinyata" from October 31 to November 2 Superiority of Kazakhstan on basketball among boys and girls.
To further the successful solution of problems of development of mass physical culture and sport, to achieve high results need to ensure the industry coaching and teaching staff in view of the introduction of new specialties (martial arts, national and applied sports and folk games), as well as to improve the system of training and retraining of physical workers culture and sports.