Satpayev town is not only an industrial center, and the center of cultural activities and sports events. There are many famous artists and singers of Russia and Kazakhstan do not perform on the stage of the Palace of the miners. Especially these events are held with great ceremony in the Town Day, the Day of Miner and Satpaev days. If the Miner's Day is considered to be legalized and celebrated in the early days of August, the town approved by akim Day September 13, Satpaev Day dedicated to the birthday of Kanysh Imantayevich Satpayev.
The town is rich with local miners akyns glorifying the town, its miners glorifying everyday life of the town and the copper edge. They have released quite a few books. It Shynbolat Dildebaev, Mauiya Bekmaganbetova, Musa Tleuov and others.
Daily conducted kulturnomassovye different kinds of recreational activities in the Palace named after Sh Dildebaeva, concerts, creative reports of prominent artists and local singers akyns.
The five institutions of the town culture is carried out annually more than 200 cultural events. In the Palace of organized dance group "Tolkyn" Palais des Shynbolat in 2002, the museum opened its behalf. In recent years, much work has quickened public libraries, book fund is increased, it became more than the number of readers, especially among young people. Readers town periodicals get out of the town of Zhezkazgan and their town publishes the newspaper "Sharayna" in two languages, it has increased the frequency of very varied and interesting material printed in the newspaper.
The town operates a number of national centers, in particular to be said about the two of them led by RS Burda and TI Hmilyarchuk. The head of the Association of Business Women of the town Sh.K. Zhanasylova, an association of entrepreneurs spend a great job of management and the planned improvement of social and cultural life in the town, small and medium-sized businesses and the attraction of business and commerce.
Satpayev town turns into a massive arena in recent years. In winter - skiing, skating. Summer - athletics, football, volleyball. Early in the morning in the town, you can see a lot of runners. In the town of more than 30 sports teams, cultivating 27 sports, are two of the Palace of Sports, two stadiums, 19 sports halls, two outdoor swimming pools, hockey court, about 40 sports grounds.
The town organized a chess club, which is headed by candidate master Azarbek Moldagulov. In the past two years, the prize is conducted traditional tournament of Muhanbet Kopeev - Deputy Chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan on chess.
Cultural center in the village. Nikolsk was not, they were concentrated in the village. Mine and only in 1961 there was the first cinema "Cosmos" in the village. Nikolsk, and in 1967 to the 50 fly / On October was commissioned the Palace of Culture of the same name and it became a place of recreation for all citizens. His first director was R. Bogdanov A folk art for a long time in the town led Zoe Imanbaeva. Repute among the citizens enjoyed the circus folk groups (Babi B), vocal and instrumental ensemble, dance groups. In 1975, organized by the Central Town Library named after Boris Bulkysheva. Much has been done for the development of cultural and educational institutions of the town Kochneva GA - head. Department of Culture, Chumakava ZS - Director of the Palace of Culture. 50 years of October. Open and; National Library - the book fund is about a million books. In 1974 he opened a cinema "Baikonur", its first director was Sh.Dildebaev - Honored Worker of Culture of the Kazakh SSR.
On Miners Square, where the Palace of the same name. Sh.Dildebaeva fountains, on weekends playing brass band groups one by one
amateur gives its regular concerts.
This will create an additional's Cultural and recreation centers: Victory Park, the Alley of Glory, square "Kazakhstan-2030", is a stele with the names of honorary citizens of the town.