About anti-corruption measures

"On the status and measures to further strengthen the fight against corruption in the townof Satpaev Karaganda region"
In order to implement programs to fight corruption, to improve the coordination of activities of state authorities to increase the level of protection of citizens against corruption of akimat of Satpayev carried out systematic work.
In accordance with the action plan to combat corruption in the Karaganda region for 2011-2015 (hereinafter - the Plan) by state institutions financed from local budgets developed and adopted departmental action plans to counter corruption in the relevant period.
Action plans, approved by order of the head contains a number of instructions for organizing and conducting activities that are educational anticorruption impact, and requirements for employee behavior.
All public officials instituted a new form of track records on the basis of the Agency Chairman order of the Civil Service of 23 July 2013, all available service certificates.
Contests for vacant positions are held in accordance with the rules of the competition for vacant administrative positions.
In accordance with Art. 8 of the Law "On Combating Corruption" all public servants in the employment accepted limits in order to avoid actions that could lead to the use of their status and based on it the authority for personal, group, and other unofficial interests indicating the legal consequences of such actions.
In accordance with the procedure of taking the oath of administrative civil servants oath of allegiance.
Certification of administrative civil servants carried out in accordance with Article 16 of the Law "On civil service".
In order to build a culture of public service, including legal, in 2013, have been trained in the regional center of retraining and advanced training of 30 administrative civil servants. In the first half of 2014 it is planned to train regional center of retraining and advanced training of 22 administrative civil servants.
Together with Satpaev town branch of "Nur Otan", representatives of law enforcement agencies, government agencies and organizations held "round table" on the theme "On the formation of anti-corruption awareness in Kazakhstan", approved media plans performances heads of state bodies in the media, of " round tables ", conferences, lectures, seminars, briefings on anti-corruption topics. Held explanatory work among the population shares of explaining procedures in the event of a collision with the facts of abuse of power by public officials, and other actions in violation of the code of honor of the civil servant.
Department of Education, Physical Education and Sports, the Satpayev held events on the formation of anti-corruption awareness among employees and students of educational institutions. Thus, according to the approved media plan, 15 schools held workshops on the topic "General explanations of the anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "The formation of anti-corruption awareness", "The fight against corruption - a common duty" to the invitation of judges, law enforcement personnel.
Pursuant to the Plan Web site akimat of Satpayev created section "anti-corruption" to ensure wide public access to legal information, anti-corruption focus. In particular on the Web site contains the law "On Combating Corruption" and the Code of honor of civil servants in the state and Russian languages.
In the local newspaper "Sharayna" conducted regular columns such as "TownLife", "The Man. Society. Act ", which publishes information on the measures taken to combat corruption, article court staff, prosecutors and other state bodies.
In 2011, it developed and distributed to the various strata of the population memo explaining the concept of corruption, the procedure for citizen action at a meeting with the facts of corruption, as well as liability for aiding and abetting such facts.
Akim of Satpayev town is working to involve civil society actors to work on formation of anticorruption outlook among citizens. So, akimat of Satpayev organized events are held with the obligatory participation of representatives of public organizations, honorary citizens and citizens is respected among the population of the city.
Public institutions of the town ensured functioning "hotline", "mailbox" for letters and appeals of individuals and legal entities.
Pursuant to para. 20 of the Plan on the heads of the state agencies charged with responsibility for the urgent adoption of representatives of public and non-governmental organizations on issues of these organizations.
In the implementation of the state bodies of the functions carried out close cooperation with civil society within the framework of implementation of the state anti-corruption policy. So, in the urban housing, land commissions as members introduced the representatives of the "Association of Entrepreneurs Satpayev" deputy townmaslikhat.
The Commission on the fight against corruption in the towncreated by the decision of akimat of April 3, 2008.
Meetings of the Committee shall be held on a quarterly basis, according to the approved plan. Practices are being considered at meetings of the compliance issues by civil servants rules of anticorruption legislation on the basis of information about offenses committed by law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor's office.
In March 2013 the local TV channel CTA organized the performance of officials of state bodies and public organizations of the town on the anti-corruption theme: "Fighting Corruption".
In the strict control is compliance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption", establishes the obligation of a person holding public office, each year during the implementation of its mandate, to provide to the tax authority at the place of residence of the declaration of income and assets that are subject to taxation. For the current fiscal period, all civil servants are granted a declaration of income and property violations are not allowed.
To fully ensure the information transparency of application and implementation of government decisions on the spending of budgetary funds through regular publication in the media-making session of the town maslikhat, solutions for housing from the state housing fund, projects and resolutions of akimat of regulatory legal nature.
In the current year (22 January) Commission on Combating Corruption under the chairmanship of akim of the town considered the question of the execution plan for the fight against corruption in public institutions of Satpayev.
In the month of May 2014. a meeting of the Commission on the fight against corruption with the following issues: "The activities of the town government authorities to improve the transparency of public procurement procedures", "On consideration of the public institutions of the town Satpayev appeals of individuals and legal persons"
According to the approved plan of work of the Commission on Combating Corruption in the current year at a meeting of the commission scheduled consideration of the following questions: "On the state of the town Satpayev institutions for the provision of public services", "Status of accounting and allocation of housing from the state housing stock in the town of Satpayev", "On carried out by public authorities work to be published in the local media articles, conducting "round tables", the days of "open doors", conferences, seminars on anti-corruption topics of lectures "," on the legal education schools in the state institutions, "" on advocacy with teams on the subject of anti-corruption law schools in the town"," on the performance requirements of the land legislation in the provision of land in the city. "
All activities carried out are aimed at reducing the level of corruption, the elimination of the causes and conditions of committing corruption crimes and offenses, the improvement of the legal framework, to ensure interaction with civil society, the promotion of the state anti-corruption policy.
In the period covered crime and corruption-related crimes employees of the state institutions of the town is not allowed.