Kazakhstan’s gold output up 7.8% in January-May 2019

In January-May 2019, Kazakhstan's production of raw gold and semi-processed gold, or in powder form, increased by 7.8% year-on-year to reach 39,607 kg, Kazinform correspondent reports.

In the reporting period, the production of raw silver and semi-processed silver, or in powder form, equaled 400,235 kg or 2.5% less than a year ago. Besides, 676,942 tons (down 8 percent YOY) of untreated aluminum, aluminum oxide, 56,031 tons (-12.4%) of unwrought refined lead, 136 507 tons (-0.9%) of untreated zinc , and 188,185 tons (+ 11.2%) of untreated refined, unalloyed copper were produced.



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