The greeting of akim

I welcome all visitors of the site of Satpayev town!

With the power of the Internet, our site is available for each of you! Everyone's attention given the complete collection of the most important and interesting information about our town and its residents. And even in the most remote parts of our planet's people can find the information they need.

The success of our country, attracting the eyes of the world today, there is a weighty share and work satpaevtsev. And the role of cities such as Satpayev on the way to achieve them is still high, and I'm sure there will be more to increase. Satpayev today - it is economically self-sufficient, dynamically developing town of miners, with great industrial potential and extensive social infrastructure.

Working with our information site, you'll be able to access all the online portals of corresponding structures, which are almost all kinds of public services for various categories of the population. Here you can get any information you need about our business, about the decisions and arrangements.

We are working for the future and open for cooperation. I hope for an effective "back" link.

Welcome to our site!

Sincerely, akim of Satpayev town
Idrisov Askar Abylayuly.