Phone numbers and information about the order of citizens' reception

Information about citizens' reception

Organization of reception of citizens in the apparatus of akim of town is engaged in monitoring and documentation support of akim's administration department.

Head of department Makhambetova Bibinur Serikovna.
Appointments are from 9.00 to 12.00 on the day of admission at avenue of Satpayev, 108, Account number 4.

Reception of citizens is carried out according to the approved schedule.
Phone number 8 (71063) 3-48-20.

The procedure for receiving, recording and accounting of individuals and legal entities

It carried out according to the requirements of the Law "On the order of consideration of physical and legal entities" In the apparatus of akim of Satpaev reception, registration and records of physical and legal entities.

The applications received are subject to compulsory admission, registration, accounting and review. Refusal to accept treatment is prohibited. Admission and registration of individuals and legal persons shall be the Department of Control and Document Support akim. Personal responsibility for the organization of work with appeals of individuals and legal entities, the state of the reception, recording and reporting borne by the Head of Department.

Appeal can be made by a representative of the person or entity. Making representations made in the order established by the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Treatment of individuals and entities received by public information systems and the corresponding requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on electronic document and digital signature are also subject to review.

Terms of consideration of appeals: appeals for consideration which does not require obtaining information from other entities, officers, or check on-site, are considered within fifteen calendar days. Petitions for review which is required to obtain information from other entities, officers, or check on-site shall be considered and a decision on it shall be made within thirty calendar days from the date of receipt.

In cases when you need to conduct further investigation or inspection, consideration shall be extended for not more than thirty calendar days, as reported by the applicant within three calendar days from the date of extension of the review period. The term of consideration of handling extended head of the subject or his deputy. If the issues outlined in the treatment requires a long period, the call is put on additional control until its final execution, as communicated to the applicant within three calendar days.

Officials within their competence provide an objective, comprehensive and timely consideration of physical and legal entities shall inform applicants of the outcome of their complaints and action taken; inform the applicants about the direction of their appeals to the other entities or officials in accordance with their competence.

 According to the results of consideration of appeals should be one of the following decisions:

1) a full or partial satisfaction of the treatment;
2) to dismiss the appeal with the justification of such decision;
3) on giving clarifications on the merits treatment;
4) the termination of consideration of the application.

 If you receive multiple complaints on the same subject in the interests of one and the same person first call is recorded as the primary treatment, and follow-up attached to the main treatment and are treated as one application the applicant was notified of the results of resolving them within the prescribed period calculated from the date of receipt of the first treatment.

Responses to treatment prepared in the national language or in the same language.
Consideration of applications terminated if repeated appeals no new arguments or newly discovered facts, and in the materials of the previous treatment has comprehensive material tests and the applicants in the established order were given answers.

The head of the state body and his deputies carried out personal reception of citizens and representatives of legal entities on a weekly basis according to the schedule of reception approved by the supervisor.

Admission is carried out at the place of work within the established and brought to the attention of individuals and entities days and hours. If the call can not be resolved by an official during the reception, it is presented as the work is carried out with the written appeal in writing to him.