Biography of the first leaders


Narbotayev Sultan Nurlanovich – Deputy of akim of Satpayev town
Date of birth 02.11.1982. Birthplace is Almaty city
Nationality is Kazakh
Higher education
He graduated in 2003, the Kazakh State Law University with a degree in law, in 2008 - the South Kazakhstan State University in the name of M.Saparbaev with a degree in finance. 
He began his career in 2002 as manager on work with clients of JSC "NPF" of ABN AMRO Caspimunaigaz" of Almaty city.
Over the years, he served as Legal Counsel of the legal service, the chief specialist of advertising management and work with regional representatives, head of sector analysis and reporting of Methodology and Analysis Lending Department, the main credit control manager, the head of store credit files and archive of the company, chief research department and the methodology of JSC "Mortgage organization" Kazakhstan Mortgage Company " of Almaty city.
From 2013 he continued his career by the auditor of JSC "Kazakhstan Housing and Construction Corporation", Astana city.
Since 2014 – Deputy of Director of the Party Central unit Asset Management Department of "Nur Otan", a member of the NC Board Plenipotentiary "Institute for Public Policy party "Nur Otan" public association "Nur Otan Party", Astana city.
From 2015, he served as advisor to the Director General for Economy and Finance LLP "Economic management" Nur Otan ", Astana city.
He was also an independent director of the Board of Directors of JSC "National Center" Kurylyskonsalting".
By the order of akim №133 of 5 September, 2016 was appointed by deputy of akim of Satpayev.
Not married.


Doszhan Bauyrzhan Zhumanovich - Deputy of akim of Satpayev town
He was born on May 9, 1985 in Satpayev town, Karaganda region, education - higher.
In 2007 he graduated from the Academy of Appraisal and Construction, specializing in evaluation, according to the qualification of an expert appraiser. In 2013 - Humanitarian University of Transport and Law in the name of D.A.Kunaev on a specialty construction, the bachelor of engineering and technology.
He began his labor activity in 2006 as a security guard of Zhezkazgan city branch of JSC "Kuzet".
Since September 2007, he continued working as a loan officer of the express lending department of the Satpayev branch of Bank Caspian.
From October 2007 to October 2008 he served in the Armed Forces of Priozersk town of Karaganda region.
Since 2009 he worked as a civil engineer.
Starting in 2013, he began working in the state service system as the main specialist, head of the construction sector of the State Institution " Department of Construction of Satpayev town".
From February 2016 he held the post of the head of the State Institution " Department of Construction of Satpayev town".
By the order of akim №98 of October 24, 2017 was appointed by deputy of akim of Satpayev town.

Married. Has 3 children.

Nysanbaev Almaz Serikbayevich - head of administration of akim of Satpaev town
Date of birth 29.01.1980
Place of birth Satpaev town of Karaganda region.
Nationality is Kazakh.
Higher education.
He graduated in 2001 from Karaganda State University in the name of E.A.Buketov
Speciality law, lawyer
He began his career in September 2001 and July 2007. assistant mayor of the city.
From July 2007 to April 2008. Chief specialist of the Department of Land Resources and Real Estate LTD "Corporation" Kazakhmys".
From June 2008 to July 2008. Head of the department of organizational and personnel work of akim of Satpaev.
The order of akim of Satpayev from 20.04.2009 appointed head of akim of Satpaev
Married. Has three children.