Regulations of work

1. General Provisions

1. This Regulation of SI “Administration of akim of Satpayev town” (hereinafter - Regulation) sets out general rules for the organization and the internal order of their activities in the course of performing its functions in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, acts of the President, the Government and other statutory acts.

The provisions of the Regulations apply to activities in part not regulated by other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. The requirements established by this Regulation shall apply to all employees of SI “Administration of akim of Satpayev town” (hereinafter - the akim apparatus).

3. Organization and conducting unclassified office, reception, processing and distribution of correspondence, including the conduct of electronic document is determined in accordance with the "On normative legal acts" the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 24, 1998, dated November 27, 2000 "On administrative procedures "dated January 12, 2007" on the order of consideration of appeals of physical and legal entities ", dated January 7, 2003" on electronic document and electronic digital signature "and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The organization and management of a secret office in accordance with the Instructions to ensure secrecy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the Government of Kazakhstan.

2. Scheduling

4. Akim carries out its activities in accordance with the work plans for the quarter, the year and the long term.

5. Work plans Akim:

1) in advance, 10 calendar days prior to the start of the next period, the proposals are based on structural units of the body;

2) are made pursuant to regulations and policy documents.

6. On the basis of the work plan of its plans akim works comprise structural units of the body.

7. The work plans are approved by the Governor of the city for 5 days before the start of the next period.

8. The decision to exclude the activities of the work plans of the Akim or transfer their deadlines adopted by akim of the city on the basis of the memo submitted by the head of the structural unit, agreed with the supervising deputy akim of the relevant issues.

3. Consideration and passing of official documents

9. Consideration and passing of incoming, outgoing correspondence and other official documents (hereinafter - the documents) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 27, 2000 "On administrative procedures", dated January 12, 2007 "On the order of consideration of physical and legal entities "Instruction in proceedings before the State" Satpayev town akim "approved by the order of akim of the city number 96 from 24.11.2008 of the year and these Regulations.

10. Incoming mail in Akim accepted on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

11. Correspondence and other official documents addressed to the mayor of the city or in the akim apparatus after their receipt and registration transferred to recipients who consider them and prepare for them orders within a maximum of 1 working day.

12. In consideration of the acceptance by the official Akim should make sure that the solution of the issue is in the competence of the executive body.

If the issue goes beyond the established competence, the authorized official decision on the referral to the competent public authority or an official with the obligatory notice of the applicant in a period not exceeding three days.

13. Adopted in accordance with this Regulation the order of the documents considered to be put to the head of the monitoring and distributed service of documentary maintenance for two hours between the structural units (executing) in accordance with the instructions.

Emergency documentation is brought to the destination immediately.

14. The documents on behalf of Akim signed by the akim of the city, the person replacing him or by an authorized official.

15. The term of consideration of documents should not exceed one month, unless otherwise provided by law

4. Information exchange

16. Information Exchange - send and receive information in the manner prescribed by law public officials in the exercise of official authority.

17. Information exchange between departments akim and state authorities, based on the minimum required amount of mutual information flows is not provided to avoid duplication in management information.

18. Information procedures should not allow the disclosure of proprietary and other information related to the interests of the state. Civil servants Service information is available only for the performance of their duties and can not be used in off-duty purposes.

5. Control over the execution of official documents

19. Control over the execution of orders of akim of a superior officer, not related to the acts issued by these officials, the responsibility of the department of organizational and personnel work akim.

20. Control over the execution of the presidential decree, Decree of the Government, orders and instructions of akim of the region or other superior officer is assigned to the control department and documentary maintenance of Akim.

21. The control over the timing of execution of orders on official documents department carried out monitoring and documentation support akim.

22. Execution of orders given to several artists, coordinating officer, said in the order first.

23. Department of Control and Document Support of Akim in advance of the expiry of the execution control instruction, sends the appropriate department reminder of this.

24.Dopolnitelny instruction execution time is set supervisor, who gave the order upon reasonable written request of the Executive to extend the period of performance.

25. Executed documents are removed from the control of akim or the person replacing him.

26. On admission to the akim apparatus to execute acts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, resolutions and minutes of meetings of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the order of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which there are assignments to local executive bodies, orders, protocols, decisions of the boards of central government bodies within three days It is drawn up and approved a plan of organizational measures for their implementation. In this case the contractor is put cumulative folder that contains all the documents relating to this request.

Statement on the control and removal control, the extension of the execution of the above control documents shall be in accordance with normative legal acts and these Regulations.

27. Draft documents prepared pursuant to the control of documents transmitted to the sight of the heads of departments and deputy akim according to the division of responsibilities, not later than three days, and akim of the city, not later than two days before the end of the execution period.

Documents prepared pursuant to the execution of control documents for up to 5 days, transferred to sight immediately upon their availability and are considered in the extraordinary manner.

28. In order to ensure transparency of procedures relating to their correspondence in Akim, relevant information on the timing of consideration of documents and the order of control over their execution is placed on the body's website.

6. Consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities and organization of citizens' reception

29. Consideration of applications and enrollment of citizens in SI “Administration of akim of Satpayev town” carried out in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 27, 2000 "On administrative procedures", dated January 12, 2007 "On the order of consideration of appeals of physical and legal entities" and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Government dated 4 September 2002 № 974 "About the organization of reception of individuals and representatives of legal entities in the central and local executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan."